Understanding Computer Performance

I am often faced with my customers thinking that their computer is not working well because they have too many pictures on their computer or too many programs installed. I have found that most customers are confused as to what makes their computer run good or bad. Here is an easy way to understand how your computer works and what affects the overall performance.

When evaluating how a computer performs, there are three primary components to consider. The three components are hard drive, RAM (often referred to as memory), and the processor. The easiest way to understand how these components work together is with a cooking analogy.

To understand how a computer performs, let us consider what it takes to cook a meal. The first thing that you need when cooking a meal are cooking utensils and ingredients. The location of those cooking utensils and ingredients are found in cupboards. It would not really affect how fast you could cook your meal whether your cupboards were full or mostly empty

This is also true in a computer. The cupboards in your kitchen are just like the hard drive in your computer. It does not really matter when the hard drive is mostly full or empty when looking at the overall performance of your computer.

The next thing we need to cook our meal is a counter top. If we only have a tiny counter top and have to put pans away before getting other pans out, this is going to really slow down how quickly we can prepare our meal. If we have plenty of countertop space and can lay everything out at once, this will greatly speed up how quickly we can prepare our meal. The countertop space is similar to the RAM in your computer. The more RAM (or memory) you have installed in your computer, the more things you can have open at once and it allows everything to run faster.

Finally, after we have prepared the meal, it is time to put it in the oven. In this analogy, the higher the temperature the oven goes to, the faster the meal would cook. The oven is similar to processors. The better the processor you buy, the faster your computer will run. If your computer is performing slowly, it is most likely that you either don’t have enough RAM or your processor is not fast enough. There are many times that additional RAM can be added to greatly improve the overall performance of your computer, while upgrading your processor is almost never possible. This is one of the reasons it is so important to make sure that you buy the computer that is right for you.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how your computer works. Just like when you remodel your kitchen, you consult with experts to make sure that you get the right cupboards, countertops, and stove, it is also important to consult with experts to make sure you get the right components with your computer. By buying the right computer, you can literally save thousands of dollars in productivity that could be lost otherwise.

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