eBay Hacked – What You Need To Do

In case you have not already heard, it has been discovered that eBay was quietly broken into by some hackers a couple of months ago and successfully stole a database full of user information. eBay is now strongly urging all of their customers to change their passwords.

Even though the passwords were encrypted and eBay claims that the likelihood of decrypting the passwords is very low, they still recommend all customers login and change their passwords. In addition to the passwords, hackers also stole customer’s names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. The company did state that no financial information was stolen for any of the users.

In my opinion, I would recommend that you take a minute and change your password. I have created another blog post here that will provide details on how to do so.

Another aspect of the security breach is that hackers now have personal information they can use to try to trick people into giving out important financial information. Keep that in mind when you receive any unsolicited emails or phone calls where the other party is trying to get you to provide them with information they don’t have. Just because they have your phone number and your email address does not mean they are legitimate.

For more details you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions by eBay here.

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