How to change your eBay password

After the recent security breach at eBay, here are the steps you need to take to change your password.

1. Sign into your eBay account from Ebay’s home page.

2. After logged in, hover on the down arrow at the top of the page next to your name. Choose the option for Account Settings from the drop down menu that displays.

3. This takes you to Your Account page. On the left side, under my eBay Views, click on the link for Personal Information.

4. On the Personal Information page, the top section is called Account Information and there is a setting for password. Click on the Edit link to the far right of the word Password.

5. eBay will then prompt you to enter your email address or user ID. Choose either one and then click Continue.

6. eBay then asks you how you want to reset your password. You can choose either a text message or email.

7. For the text message option, a form will be displayed that will ask for a PIN number. They will text you the PIN number. Type the PIN number in the appropriate field and this will take you to the page to change your password.

8. For the email option, eBay will send you a Reset Your Password message. Click the link in the email and that will take you to a page where you can enter a new password.

9. Choose a new password and enter it in the form. eBay will then prompt you to log in again with your new password.

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