Business Class Computers: A Good Investment

When buying a computer for work, you can choose between a consumer model and a computer specifically designed for business purposes. Most computer companies design the same computer model for the home as well as business, but there are certain differences worth mentioning so you can purchase the most appropriate computer for your home or office.

First, you must determine how often you will use the computer for business and how often you will use it for personal purposes. For instance, if you rarely telecommute, a consumer class PC is good for you as long as it has the required applications and resources for your work. Similarly, if the computer is largely meant for entertainment purposes and work usage is estimated at 10 percent of the time, then a consumer computer would be appropriate

A major advantage of consumer computers is their cheap cost compared to business computers. And, they are readily available in stores, such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Long-term value
If the computer is meant for work purposes, it is advisable to invest in a business class computer. Business PCs offer greater value in the long run than personal computers. They are built to last and include higher quality components that have gone through rigorous testing. In addition, while consumer computers may have parts that are generic or cheap, business computers are made from high-grade materials and brand-name parts. The emphasis on durability makes business class laptops and desktops more valuable long term.

Specialized features
The main difference between business and personal computers lies in their features. For business PCs these features include fingerprint readers, encryption tools and remote desktop control software. In addition, their operating system is better suited for professional purposes than a home PC. For instance, Windows 8 Professional, which is installed on business PCs, has additional features that are not included in the Windows 8 Home and Starter editions, including corporate network capabilities. In addition, the software that is usually pre-installed on consumer PCs is excluded from business PCs.

Support and warranty
The default warranty for business PCs is generally longer than that of consumer models. Business users also tend to receive prioritized support through a dedicated support line and in certain cases quick parts replacement as opposed to having to send in your computer for repair and waiting for weeks to have it returned.
Business-class PCs reflect and support a company’s critical performance and reliability needs. As such, choosing one that best fits your professional needs is a worthwhile investment.

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