About Anywhere Computer Care

After trying to control everything in my life and being tired, beaten down, and weary I came to a place in 2010 where I surrendered to God and decided that I was going to do whatever he wanted me to. After leaving my employer, I started a journey to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. While on that journey, I was challenged with figuring out my purpose in life and what I was called to do. I finally figured out that my purpose in life was to serve others and to add value to their lives. If I could do that then I would be doing what God wanted me to do.

After figuring that out, it was an easy decision to start Anywhere Computer Care. The whole foundation for this company was that we would always focus on serving others while adding value to their lives. If we could serve our customers well then no matter what else happens, we would win. What would set us apart would be the ability to strategically help customers with their businesses while helping them take care of all their technology needs.

We are a company that works with our customers to provide them with practical solutions that will help their businesses to improve. We not only provide the service to keep things running smoothly, but we provide the same care and attention that we do for our business to help our customers think about what will really help them the most. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We make sure that the solutions our customers are using are the right solutions for their business and we work with them to create a long-term strategy to get those solutions in place.

Our passion is to help our customers succeed and to inspire them to live more meaningful lives. We build relationships with the people we serve and try to give them a reason to laugh and smile as we work together towards achieving excellence.

If you think we sound like a match for your company, we would love an opportunity to partner with you to help your business succeed!

-Tom Williams

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