Using Technology to Add Value to Businesses in Northeast Ohio

We use our gifts, talents, and abilities to serve others by adding value to their lives and businesses. We build lasting relationships and inspire others to live more meaningful lives.


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Our Mission

We partner with our customers to help provide solutions in technology that make their employee’s lives better and their businesses more profitable.

We build relationships and get to know the people we work with which allows us to find ways to add value to their lives.

We work with excellence in things that are temporary while keeping a focus on things that are eternal.


It all starts with our Unique Process. Check it out to see if we may be a match for your organization.





Harold's Equipment

“The obstacles we faced was finding someone willing to understand what we really needed, putting the program together and then teaching us how to use it and work through the issues while implementing it...

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Do Shortcuts Make our Live’s Better?

August 28, 2015   Tom Williams    Be Inspired

I went to Cedar Point last week with my sister who had just broken her foot. She had to wear a boot on her foot to help her get around. Because of this we were able to wait for a […]

Why Running Will Kill You!

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Do You Know Where You Are Going?

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Are You an 8-Track Tape?

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In discovering Ben Franklin’s thirteen virtues, I also discovered his daily routine. Since I was already working towards mastering the virtues, I figured I would give his daily routine a try too. As I adopted his schedule, there is a […]

Will You Choose Life or Death?

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I discovered that Benjamin Franklin had started on a journey when he was 20 years old to master thirteen virtues. In order to achieve his goal, he developed a system to track his growth. I was intrigued by the idea […]

One Choice Could Change Your Life

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What if you could make one choice today that could change your life forever? What if the choice would allow you to reach all the goals and dreams you have for your life? I believe we all can achieve and […]

You are Valuable!!!

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It is so easy for us to become entangled in our daily routines that we forget just how valuable we are as individuals. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut right now and are tired or bored with your everyday routine […]

Does Your Life Have Meaning?

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The reality is that we all want our life to have meaning. The challenge is that most of us get caught up in our daily routines and forget to look for meaning in what we do each day. I have […]

eBay Hacked – What You Need To Do

May 23, 2014   Tom Williams    Technology

In case you have not already heard, it has been discovered that eBay was quietly broken into by some hackers a couple of months ago and successfully stole a database full of user information. eBay is now strongly urging all […]

How to change your eBay password

   Tom Williams    Technology

After the recent security breach at eBay, here are the steps you need to take to change your password. 1. Sign into your eBay account from Ebay’s home page. 2. After logged in, hover on the down arrow at the […]

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